Individual 1986

Personal Award: Dorothy Stimson Bullitt

Dorothy Stimson Bullitt exemplifies the station owner committed to the highest ideals of local programming. A life-long resident of Seattle, Washington, born in 1892, she has been described by her associates as “quintessential Northwesterner,” the “best businessman in town” and an “old-fashioned civil rights, civil libertarian, very conscious of education and the needs of others.” Widowed at the age of 40, she began a career in business which led to the founding of King Broadcasting Company in 1946. Today, the company operates radio, television and cable systems in the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California. Mrs. Bullitt and her daughters, Priscilla B. Collins and Harriet Bullitt, represent the finest in broadcast ownership for their long and continuous commitment to public service, news and innovative local programming and provide ample evidence that excellence in broadcast service is consistent with good business and profitable operations. A Personal Peabody to Dorothy Stimson Bullitt in appreciation for the continuation for this exemplary family-owned broadcast enterprise.