Individual 1983

Personal Award: Don McGannon

Anyone who knows Don McGannon knows why the Peabody Board wants to recognize him. There are all sorts of words which could be used to explain to those who don’t know Don: “leader,” “innovator,” “pioneer,” “industry statesman.” The fact of the matter is that words really can’t describe Don McGannon. He brought to the industry so many sterling qualities. He stood tall when standing tall was needed. He provided leadership when leadership was often lacking. He is a person of courage and conviction. He piloted his Westinghouse stations through many uncharted waters and he insisted that they be leaders in the communities they served. Above all, Don McGannon is a gentleman. No one ever leaves his presence without the feeling they have been heard. No one ever doubts that Don is interested in what they had to say. Don McGannon is truly a benchmark by which every one of us connected with broadcasting may be measured. In behalf of the entire industry which he has served so well, the Peabody Board salutes him with this recognition.