Individual 1988

Personal Award: Don Hewitt

CBS News

Every so often, a person comes along whose accomplishments touch the lives of just about every American. Typically, this person is one whose face and name are instantly recognizable to the public. While it is true that CBS News executive producer Don Hewitt’s accomplishments have impacted on the lives of people the world over, the nature of his profession has kept him largely out of the limelight. The production and direction of nearly every major news event that has been broadcast on CBS News during the past 40 years has been influenced by Don Hewitt. He is perhaps best known for his contributions to 60 Minutes, but his list of accomplishments goes far beyond this. Starting in 1948, when he began his career with Douglas Edwards and the News and continuing with his role as executive producer of the CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite, the name Don Hewitt has been associated with excellence throughout his career. The Peabody Board seeks to highlight his devotion to excellence by presenting him with this Peabody Award.