Individual 1989

Personal Award: David Brinkley

ABC News

There are noble American institutions like elected government, free education, baseball, and hot dogs. Television news has become an institution as well, and within it some luminaries stand out. David Brinkley is one of these. When teamed with Chet Huntley, he kept America informed of the day’s events. As a commentator, he has only a handful of peers. In an era when it seems that an unfortunate amount of time and effort in television news is spent on appearances and style, David Brinkley is the embodiment of the journalist who cares more about the story. While others try to create style, he has a natural one. And it is a style that has worn well with America and made him a welcome guest in television homes. David Brinkley reminds us how important it is to get the story right, to try to tell the unvarnished truth, and not to take the messenger so seriously that the message gets lost. For a lifetime of service to the American people, a Peabody Award to David Brinkley.