Individual 1992

Personal Award: Daniel Schorr

One of the principle members of a generation of broadcast journalists identified with the highest ideals and integrity in the field, Daniel Schorr is an unmatched radio commentator. His career embodies the essence of everything for which Peabody recognition is intended. Mr. Schorr began his career as a foreign correspondent in 1946. In the early 1950s, he caught the attention of Edward R. Murrow, which led to his work for the CBS news team through much of the next two decades. In 1980, Mr. Schorr helped Ted Turner launch Cable News Network and served as its senior correspondent until 1985. Since then, his lucid commentaries and insightful analyses have been heard regularly on National Public Radio. Wherever he has worked, Mr. Schorr has demonstrated the tenacity, courage, and skill which set him apart. He has been willing on more than one occasion to risk his career and personal well-being on behalf of First Amendment protections. For a lifetime of uncompromising reporting of the highest integrity, a personal Peabody to Daniel Schorr.