Individual 1997

Personal Award: Carol Marin

The journalistic integrity of Carol Marin has been a constant in Chicago for two decades. Her distinguished investigative reporting for WMAQ-TV (1978-97) and now at WBBM-TV has been universally acknowledged. She is simply one the nation’s best broadcast journalists. In 1997, Ms. Marin received national attention for taking a personal stand against the tide of sensationalism in television news. In so doing, it became clear in Chicago and beyond that, unlike too many reporters and news executives, Ms. Marin measures success neither in ratings points nor job security. Her motivations lie in what she believes is right, and by what viewers need to know to make informed decisions in their communities. It is gratifying to the Peabody Board (and no doubt, to Ms. Marin) that her courageous decision has been rewarded by the viewers of Chicago, and by champions of journalistic ethics everywhere. Among Ms. Marin’s honors are “Best Reporter” in Chicago, awarded by The Associated Press (1989) and by United Press International (1985, 1988); 14 regional and a national Emmy Award; and the Alfred I. duPont-Columbia Award; among many, many others. Today, we are proud to present the personal Peabody Award to Carol Marin, in recognition of her accomplishments, her selflessness, and her commitment to ethics and integrity in broadcast journalism.