Winner 1991

Pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World

ABC News, NHK (Japan)

Fifty years after the Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, a collaborative effort between ABC News, and NHK Japan pays powerful tribute to those who gave their lives that fateful December day in 1941. As anchor and writer, David Brinkley avoids gratuitous chest-beating and traces the events that led to the “date which will live in infamy.” Interviews with American and Japanese survivors add authenticity and contribute to our understanding of the conflict. Veterans on both sides of the Pacific can take pride in this fiftieth anniversary special crafted by Executive Producers Phyllis McGrady for ABC News and Yoshihisa Hayashi for NHK Japan and their outstanding teams. For Pearl Harbor: Two Hours That Changed the World, a Peabody to ABC News and NHK Japan.


Executive Producers: Phyllis McGrady, Yoshihisa Hayashi. Writer: David Brinkley. Anchor: David Brinkley.