PBS NewsHour: Coverage of the COVID-19 Pandemic

PBS NewsHour

PBS NewsHour’s relentless and comprehensive reporting gave us the best news coverage of a once-in-a-century global pandemic. Despite the unique challenges posed by COVID-19 that made their jobs more difficult and at times more dangerous, the NewsHour team’s work on the “Global Pandemic” used new storytelling techniques to cover the pandemic’s human toll on five continents, in countries already hit hard by war, famine, and death. In the U.S., the NewsHour’s “Making Sense: The Victims of COVID” puts a spotlight on the millions who lost their jobs, the devastating impact on restaurants, and the near shutdown of the travel industry. Interviews with unemployed workers and small business owners struggling to survive gave viewers human examples of an economic disaster happening in real time. And significantly, the story shed new light on how the pandemic revealed and exacerbated astonishing racial disparities in American health outcomes. For its commitment to an enormous undertaking and bringing comprehensive context and perspective to a disaster both globally and at home,  the PBS NewsHour receives a Peabody.


“Global Pandemic”

Executive Producer:  Sara Just.  Associate Producers/Producers:  Morgan Till, Dan Sagalyn, Layla Quran, Ali Rogin, Trine Villeman, Frank Carlson, Herminia Fernandez, Nina Maria Potts, Rachel Silverman, Ulises Escamilla, Crystal Roh, Keith Park, Ahmed Baider.  Editors:  Hamada Hanoura, Eric O’Connor, Malcolm Brabant, Max Duncan, Jane Ferguson, Jon Miles, Bob Hartman, Dan Knapp, John Morgan, Mark Anderson, Matt Leeke, Abubaker Muwonge.  Reporters/Correspondents:  Nick Schifrin, Jane Ferguson, Malcolm Brabant, Marcia Biggs, Bruce Harrison, Michael Baleke, Max Duncan.  Cinematography:  Malcolm Brabant, Max Duncan, Tilo Gummel, Eric O’Connor, Abdulrazaq Alshani, Abubaker Muwonge, Leon Kigozi, Mohammed Khaled, Omar Garcia.

“MAKING SENSE: The Victims of the COVID Economy” 

Creators:  Diane Lincoln Estes, Lee Koromvokis.  Executive Producer:  Sara Just.  Associate Producers/Producers:  Murrey Jacobson, Diane Lincoln Estes and Lee Koromvokis.  Editors:  Diane Lincoln Estes, John Morgan.  Reporter/Correspondent:  Paul Solman.  Cinematography:  Denis Levkovich, Kevin McAleese.