Winner 1990

POV: Days of Waiting

Mouchette Films, P.O.V./The American Documentary

Almost half a century has passed since the time, soon after the attack on Pearl Harbor, that more than a hundred thousand American citizens of Japanese descent were forced into internment camps in the United States. Now, Mouchette Films in association with P.O.V./The American Documentary, has put together a moving hour-and-a-half of television. Based largely on photos and paintings supplied by Estelle Peck Ishigo, a Caucasian woman married to a Japanese-American husband, the program serves as a painful reminder of an era most Americans do not recall. Days of Waiting grips the viewer of today with the history of yesterday and recreates what was shattering experience for those involved. For this uncommon excellence goes a Peabody Award to P.O.V.: Days of Waiting.


Executive Producer: Marc N. Weiss. Producer/Director/Writer: Steven Okazaki.