Winner 2006

Out of Control: AIDS in Black America

PJ Productions for ABC News

Although African-Americans make up only 13 percent of the U.S. population, they account for 50 percent of all new cases of HIV infection. They are eight times more likely to contract HIV than whites. That rate increases to become 23 times more likely when women alone are considered. These epidemic conditions went largely ignored by major media until the shocking prime-time report Out of Control: AIDS in Black America. Augmenting the late Peter Jennings’ last original reporting, Terry Moran explores conditions which have led to the devastating effects of AIDS in African-American communities. The study documents and presents specific facts and explores underlying causes for these conditions, including traditional conservatism within Black communities regarding sexual practices, the ignorance of government officials regarding the issues and policies that overlook major contributing factors. Out of Control makes it clear that responsibility for stopping this epidemic rests not just in one group, but in a web of actions and attitudes involving every community. For its candor in examining the undeniable facts of HIV infections in the African-American community, Out of Control: AIDS in Black America receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producer: Tom Yellin. Producer: Elizabeth Arledge. Director: Elizabeth Arledge. Editor: Doug Quade. Director of photography: Erich Roland. Music by: Mason Daring. Field producer: Peter Nicks. Associate producer: Whitney Johnson. Coordinating producer: Gabrielle Tenenbaum. Senior producer: Kayce Freed Jennings. Reporters: Peter Jennings, Terry Moran.