Winner 1996

One to One: Mentoring


This year-long public service project designed to communicate the critical importance of mentoring young people was brilliantly conceived, skillfully executed, and most important, ultimately successful. So much so, that what began as a local campaign eventually reached national scope. With this Peabody recognition, it is hoped its success will be a model for future community projects. The campaign was led by the exceptional efforts of Debra L. Berg, director of community relations. Under her leadership, and with the dedicated assistance of producers Lori Fink, Scott Wooldridge, Paula Engelking, and Garvin Snell, and most of the station’s photographers, editors, reporters, and other employees, WCCO created a comprehensive public service campaign, which included several news stories, a one-hour documentary, original billboards and mailboards, and full-page print ads in regional editions of national magazines, including Time and Newsweek. Corporate sponsorship by the 3M Foundation provided critical direct and in-kind support. As a result, a special toll-free hotline which offered information about mentoring produced more than 2,200 calls, and the quality of life for young people in the station’s viewing area was significantly enhanced. For its dedication to the youth of its community and for a commitment to improving their lives, a Peabody to WCCO-TV for One to One: Mentoring.