Winner 2011

On Location


The GlobalPost series On Location published 75 videos on the website in 2011, utilizing the work of correspondents and videographers who live in the countries they cover. Nine of these video reports were submitted for consideration by the Peabody Board. The Board took special note of the fact that On Location focused attention on news and events too often overlooked or ignored by other organizations. In this sense, On Location fulfills the stated mission of GlobalPost “to provide international reporting rooted in integrity, accuracy, independence and powerful storytelling that informs, entertains and fills the void created by diminished foreign coverage by American media.” Among the most significant stories were those providing coverage of the battle for Sirte in the Libyan uprising, the Mexican plague of drug-war ransoms, an anti-crack campaign in Rio de Janeiro, and an epidemic of kidnapping in Shanghai. Each of these, along with other important stories, offers ground-level analysis of problems and issues. Each provides information and detail largely unavailable or difficult to find elsewhere. For truly “filling the void” in international news reporting, a Peabody Award goes to On Location.


Executive Producer: Thomas Mucha. Directors: Mark Scheffler, Solana Pyne. Talent/Reporters: GlobalPost Staff. Videographers: GlobalPost Staff