Winner 2009

National Public Radio

National Public Radio was a website waiting to happen. With signature programs such as All Things Considered and Fresh Air, it has few equals in all the media when it comes to covering a wide, eclectic, even quirky swatch of subjects. is all that and then some, a destination for audio, video and text, one (or two) often complementing another. The site’s breaking-news coverage and archives provide a fascinating, contextualized, easily navigable compendium of information and experience. Where else would one find smart reporting about North Korea’s missiles and South Park’s fart jokes, a thorough analysis of U.S. “cyber insecurity” and multi-media profiles of “50 Great Voices” who include Maria Callas and Iggy Pop? For giving its visitors easy access to this, that, the other and more, receives a Peabody Award.


The Staff of NPR.