Winner 1981

Now That We’ve Got Your Interest

WDVM-TV, John Goldsmith of WDVM-TV

Now That We’ve Got Your Interest proves that a year’s-end news review does not have to be dull and ponderous. The sparkling wit, the originality and the all-round effectiveness of this excellent program quickly caught the interest of the Peabody Board. Author and feature performer in this irreverent and humorous look at the news of 1981 is John Goldsmith of WDVM-TV, Washington, DC. Mr. Goldsmith keeps his off-the-wall sense of humor well within the bounds of good taste. He mixes genuine tugs at the heart strings with pokes at the funny bone. He adds a batch of Hollywood showmanship. The result is good television. Now That We’ve Got Your Interest and John Goldsmith of WDVM-TV merit the recognition of a Peabody Award.