Winner 1988

Nothing Political/Mandela at 70

The BBC World Service for Africa, London

In July 1988, on the occasion of Nelson Mandela’s 70th birthday (his 26th behind bars), the BBC broadcast a touching tribute to be heard among his countrymen throughout South Africa. Using Mandela’s own letters from prison and family recollections of visits, this program vividly captured the impact of his incarceration on the struggle for human rights in South Africa. Credit goes to executive producer Neville Harms, producer and writer Ruth Evans and readers Rudolf Walker, Peggy Phango and Pamela Nomvete for painting a stirring audio portrait of both the personal tragedy and the triumphs of Nelson Mandela. Recognizing courageous and creative international broadcasting, a Peabody Award goes to the BBC World Service for Africa for Nothing Political/Mandela at 70.