Winner 1992

Northern Exposure: Cicely

CBS-TV, Finnegan-Pinchuk Company, Brand-Falsey Productions

It is a rare occasion when a television entertainment series is recognized with a Peabody Award in two consecutive years. Yet this particular episode of a popular series moved the show to an even higher standard. The thrust of Northern Exposure each week concerns the means by which people of diverse backgrounds and experiences strive to accept their differences and co-exist in the community. In Cicely, this theme is given its strongest and most effective treatment. Roslyn and Cicely arrive in 1909 and encounter a town characterized by intolerance and immorality. By the close of the episode, Cicely has been transformed to a place where differences are universally accepted. To writers Andrew Schneider and Diane Frolov, director Rob Thompson, executive producers, Joshua Brand and John Falsey, and an ensemble cast of true excellence and diversity, a Peabody to Northern Exposure: Cicely.