Winner 1982


Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company

When the Peabody Board met to discuss possible awards for excellence in programming for children and young people, the discussion centered around what Board members considered to be a somewhat sharp decline in the number of such programs available on television today. One bright ray on the horizon, the Board noted, is one which is rapidly developing into a full-fledged sunbeam—Nickelodeon. With sixteen different program series, all designed for young people ranging from age 2 to 15, plus innumerable features and short films, Nickelodeon has emerged as one of the most outstanding of the new cable programming channels. Some members of the Peabody Board (not kids in age, but perhaps in spirit) admitted to sneaking a peek at Nickelodeon now and then, generally in company with grandchildren. Their verdict: first-rate. Their vote: to honor Nickelodeon as the first cable programming effort to be recognized for the overall excellence of what appears on its channel. A Peabody Award to Warner Amex Satellite Entertainment Company for overall excellence in Nickelodeon: The First Channel for Kids.