Winner 1991

Nickelodeon Special Edition: It’s Only Television

Lucky Duck Productions, Nickelodeon, MTV Networks

In an era marked by the decline of quality television programming for children, Nickelodeon demonstrates its continuing commitment to the younger generation with It’s Only Television, the network’s second Peabody Award winner. Linda Ellerbee, in her tripartite role as executive producer, writer and reporter, leads a collaborative effort between Lucky Duck Productions and Nickelodeon in an honest and critical look at the television business. From behind the scenes, television’s youngest viewers are taught the critical skills essential for separating fact from fantasy in “televisionland.” This program is part of an important series of news specials designed to help young viewers understand and interpret current events. To Nickelodeon Special Edition: It’s Only Television, a Peabody Award.


Executive Producers: Linda Ellerbee, Rolfe Tessem, Gwen Billings, Jay Mulvaney. Producer: Carolyn Everett. Director: David Turner. Writer: Linda Ellerbee.