Winner 1996

Newsnight: Afghanistan

BBC News

This series of three exclusive reports by BBC foreign affairs editor John Simpson represents the kind of heroic battlefield reporting which has been recognized by the Peabody Board throughout the years. At great personal risk, amid the chaos which continues to plague Afghanistan, Mr. Simpson and his producer, Tom Giles, presented a compelling and complete view of the ongoing civil way. Especially informative were interviews with the leadership of the Taliban, the Sunni movement which has transformed the political and military landscape of Afghanistan. In addition, Newsnight extended its coverage from the besieged city of Kabul into the Helmand Valley, the world’s largest source of opium. While much of the world and many of its news organizations have seemingly abandoned or ignored this ravaged region, BBC News has reminded us of the regional catastrophe with international implications that characterizes the situation in Afghanistan. For so doing, in a riveting and courageous manner consistent with the long tradition of combat reporting, a Peabody to Newsnight – Afghanistan.