Winner 1986

Newsmark: Where In The World Are We?

CBS News

A group of very talented people at CBS News found a way during 1986 to combine a great deal of fascinating information with a lot of entertainment to drive home an important message: many of us don’t know much about the geography of planet earth where we live and breathe and have our being. As part of the NEWSMARK series an all too brief half hour was spent looking into the question of Where In The World Are We? Narrator/writer Charles Osgood did an exceptional job scripting and delivering the information. Many others contributed: Executive Producers Joseph Dembo and Dick Charles R. Reeves; Producer Norman Morris; Technical Director Henry Lenz; and Assistant Evalyn Lee. The result was just plain good radio, something not often found this day in time. For this, a Peabody Award to CBS News for NEWSMARK: Where In The World Are We?