Winner 1991

New York City Musicbox


One of the most important educational missions we face is to instill the love of good music in our children. Sadly, music education programs in the school systems of many large cities have fallen victim to budget shortfalls, robbing children of invaluable exposure to music history and appreciation. This unique radio series for children addresses this critical need with enthusiasm and energy. Executive producer Mario Mazza, producer Max Horowitz and host Elliot Forrest have crafted a lively series which introduces children to all types of musical styles, genres and approaches. In cooperation with the New York City Board of Education, the programs, produced and broadcast by WNCN, are repeated during the school day on the city’s educational radio outlet, WNYC. For cultivating an interest in music in an inventive and stimulating way, a Peabody is awarded to New York City Musicbox.


Executive Producer: Mario Mazza. Producer/Writer: Max Horowitz. Announcer: Elliott Forrest.