NBC Radio, “The Orchestras of the Nation,” “The First Piano Quartet,” “The Boston Symphony Rehearsals,” for Outstanding Entertainment in Music

NBC Radio

The award for outstanding entertainment in music goes to the National Broadcasting Company, a network which early recognized the need for special instruments and special programs in classical music. In 1937, NBC established its symphony orchestra and called to the podium the greatest of European conductors, Maestro Toscanini. In 1943, NBC originated the First Piano Quartet, a quartet, whether on tour or in its studio, which has played to packed houses and to the listening millions from coast to coast. In 1944, NBC took its third forward step when it presented The Orchestra of the Nation, a program which gave incentive and applause to the local symphony orchestras as they were listened to by the nation. Thus far, forty-two different orchestras have participated in this program. And, in 1948, NBC took the public backstage to listen for the first time to the delightful and instructive rehearsals of the Boston Symphony. All in all, this is a record of enterprise to be proud of.