Winner 2000


David Grubin Productions, Inc., Devillier Donegan Enterprises

The life and career of Napoleon comes alive in producer, writer and director David Grubin’s remarkable epic documentary. No longer a one-dimensional caricature of a diminutive tyrant with his hand thrust inside his vest, the Napoleon of this enlightening four-part series is a full-bodied portrait of a military leader whose historic impact is still felt today. The series is marked by insightful commentary from historians supported by live action reenactments, beautiful footage from numerous locations in Europe, and pertinent excerpts from Napoleon’s letters. Audiences are introduced to a complex character, full of contradiction, who was a military leader of uncompromising will, oppressive ruler of 70 million people, and adoring lover who could be ruthless as well as tender and vulnerable. This exceptionally informative documentary is bolstered by an original mood-setting musical score and memorable cinematography of places and art that includes paintings by Ingres, Goya and David. Teaming with Mr. Grubin to create this revealing, grand history are executive producers Ron Devillier and Brian Donegan, and producer Allyson Luchak. A Peabody is awarded to Napoleon for fashioning an intellectually honest, yet accessible biography that bore passionate witness to the life, accomplishments, shortcomings and eventual downfall of one of history’s most remarkable individuals.