Winner 2020

Muslim in Trump’s America (Exposure)

Fuuse Films for ITV

Director Deeyah Khan’s illuminating documentary, Muslim in Trump’s America, is a rigorously reported film produced for ITV Exposure that chronicles the dangerous climate created around Muslims and other groups targeted during Trump’s presidency. Filmed before and during the pandemic, Khan investigates the connection between rising hate crimes and state-sponsored racism by chronicling the stories of those at the center of the storm: the downward spiral of a Kansas farmer serving 30 years for an anti-Muslim bomb plot; the conspiracy-filled world of right wing, armed militia who believe that Islam is infiltrating the United States; the painful reality of Muslims whose loved ones were hunted and killed by white supremacists; and the complex duties of embattled lawmakers such as Minnesota’s Congresswoman Ilhan Omar. Dogged reporting, unparalleled access, and the intimacy of Khan’s approach cuts through the political noise to the heart of the Muslim experience. For providing insight into what it takes to preserve one’s faith in Islam and the American dream, Exposure’s Muslim in Trump’s America receives a Peabody Award.


Creator:  Deeyah Khan for Fuuse Films.  Executive Producer:  Andrew Smith.  Producer:  Darin Prindle.  Director:  Deeyah Khan.  Writer:  Deeyah Khan.  Editor:  Michael Ho.  Additional Editing: Naomi Spiro.  Reporter/Correspondent:  Deeyah Khan.  Photography:  Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle.  Design:  Graphic Havoc.  Cinematography:  Deeyah Khan, Darin Prindle.  Sound: J.C. Richardson, CAS.  Music: Danny Farrant, Nick Kingsley.