Winner 2007

mtvU: Half of Us


In the past year, more than half of all college students in America reported experiencing forms of depression that overwhelmed their everyday lives. mtvU: Half of Us addressed this startling statistic with a multi-platform campaign that includes a thorough website and numerous public service spots. An understanding of the issues, solutions, warning signs, upbeat music, and personal stories are among the many topics provided online. By offering numerous ways to help college students deal with their stressful lives, Half of Us uses its widespread influence to successfully address these problems. Various celebrities reveal their own personal struggles with depression, eating disorders, anxiety, stress and other potentially deadly problems. When Billy Corgan of Smashing Pumpkins, actress Brittany Snow and vocalist Mary J. Blige acknowledge similar experiences, they humanize these burdens. This encourages students to realize that these are common occurrences, that they are far from alone. For its extensive research and dedication to fighting depression and creating quick routes to convenient solutions, mtvU: Half of Us receives a Peabody Award.


Executive producers: Ross Martin, Eric Conte. Senior Producer: Paul Ricci. Supervising Producer: Brian DeCubellis. Producers: Sophia Cranshaw, Stephanie Wang- Breal. Associate Producer: Dax Martinez-Vargas. General Manager: Stephen Friedman. Director/Music/Talent: Gina Esposito. Post Manager: James Cohan. Editor: Matt Krol.