Winner 1990

Mount St. Helens: A Decade Later


This hour-long re-visit to Mount Saint Helens ten years after the disastrous eruption is a magnificent example of what a talented and quality news operation can do. Using footage saved over the decade since the original coverage and adding to this with newly-found film and video coverage the talented team of Reporter/Producer Lars Larson and Photographer/Editor Andy Elliott came up with a gripping, meaningful and exceptionally well done documentary. Presented as a part of the station’s Northwest Reports series this effort did not stop with the broadcast but included information packets to schools in the area with more than 400 teachers requesting them. For this service to the people of Oregon a Peabody award to Mt. St. Helens: A Decade Later.


Executive Producer: John Sears. Producer: Lars K. Larson. Directors: Donavin Bass, John Larue. Writer: Lars K. Larson. Editor: Andy Elliott.