Winner 1994

Moon Shot

Turner Original Productions/Varied Directions

The original Mercury and Gemini astronauts and the successful Apollo lunar landings have become an indelible part of our culture. The space race, which culminated in Neil Armstrong’s small yet significant steps for mankind, has been the subject of much analysis and debate. Out of the voluminous film archives of the space program and the personal recollections of those who were there, Turner Original Productions/Varied Directions have told the tale in a new and dramatic way. Writers Kirk Wolfinger and Russ DeNooyer, under the leadership of executive producer Pat Mitchell, David Hoffman, and John Savage, present the race to the moon in the form of the first-person recollections of astronauts Alan Shepard and the late Donald “Deke” Slaton whose experiences are narrated by actor Barry Corbin. As such, the human side of this immense technological achievement is given full examination and explication. Of the numerous commemorations of the events leading to and following America’s successful landing of man on the moon, this was the most provocative and insightful, and is thoroughly deserving of a Peabody Award.