“Medical Viewpoint” and “Pearl Harbor, Lest We Forget/Requiem for the USA”

WAHT Radio

A Peabody Award seeks to recognize service to the public above and beyond that which a station would normally feel compelled to give and which the station’s resources would normally permit. WAHT, Lebanon, Pennsylvania, is just such an example. This station, through its public service programs, has sought to give the listeners in its area an extra measure of insight into the events of these days. Recognizing especially the outstanding contributions of Fred Williams, and singling out two programs, Medical Viewpoint, an outstanding bi-weekly series, and Pearl Harbor, Lest We Forget/Requiem for the USA, a soul-searching tribute to those who died to keep this nation free, the Peabody Board confers this Peabody Award on WAHT for its meritorious public service to the community it serves.