Manicu’s Story: The War in Mozambique

National Public Radio

It is very easy for those of us busily engaged in daily activities to lose sight of some of the great personal tragedies which take place around the world. As members of the Peabody Board sat listening to Manicu’s Story: The War in Mozambique, there was no way they could not become emotionally involved. This moving account looks graphically at the social upheaval resulting from civil war in that nation. The story is told, however, in personal terms—not the typical great sweep of events that take place under circumstances such as these. This is the story of one small boy, Manicu, as he travels from an orphanage in a dangerous part of the country to a refugee camp, hoping to be reunited with his family. Presented on National Public Radio this moving account featured the work of executive producer Ellen Weiss, Neenah Ellis (producer), Cadi Simon (editor) and Ted Clark (writer).


Executive Producer: Ellen Weiss. Producer: Neenah Ellis. Editor: Cadi Simon. Writer: Ted Clark.