Winner 1987


Home Box Office

The year 1987 marked the 25th year of the imprisonment of Nelson Mandela by the South African government. He was charged with high treason, but his real crime may have been his desire to live in a country where all people have equal opportunity. Over the years the voice of Nelson Mandela has grown louder, not softer, and his cry for freedom has been taken up by countless others, not only in his own country but around the world. Beyond this, his wife Winnie has developed into an articulate spokesperson for the freedom movement in South Africa. Titus Productions in association with Polymuse and Home Box Office, has created an outstanding production that brings to life the story of a people. A Peabody is awarded to Home Box Office for Mandela, which showed that a government can imprison a man but not his ideas; while his body remains behind bars, his thoughts and dreams fly the prison walls.