Winner 1994

The American Experience: Malcolm X: Make It Plain

WGBH-TV, Blackside Inc., Roja Inc. for The American Experience

Before speaking to an audience, the subject of this outstanding television presentation would ask that his introduction be concise-absent of any hyperbole or grandiosity. “Make it plain,” he would insist, a phrase which aptly describes this definitive documentary. Emanating from the same creative team responsible for the landmark series Eyes on the Prize, this program examines Malcolm X without the myth-making or derision marked by those who would blindly laud or vilify him. Instead, painstaking research into the film and photography vaults, interspersed with the testimonies of those who knew him, bring the full measure of the man to the public television audience. Executive producer Henry Hampton provides exceptional leadership for an outstanding production team, including producer, director and co-writer Orlando Bagwell, co-producer Judy Richardson, co-writer Steve Fayer, and for the American Experience, executive producer Judy Crichton and senior producer Margaret Drain. For presenting a powerful profile of this important political figure and dynamic orator, a Peabody to Malcolm X: Make it Plain.