Winner 2000

Malcolm in the Middle

Fox, Satin City, and Regency Television

Going far beyond the formulaic constraints of most contemporary American sitcoms, Malcolm in the Middle revolves around a suburban family in Anytown, America. The lead character, Malcolm—a precocious 13-year old boy with an I.Q. of 165—often addresses the audience directly, offering comments on both his eccentric family and his life as a teenager. This innovative program stands apart because it delves into the comedic underbelly of an unusual American household. Devoid of a laugh track, Malcolm in the Middle has clever writing, and never mutes its characters or fails to find humor in the touchiest of subjects. The first-rate cast features Jane Kaczmarek as the strong-willed mom, Bryan Cranston as the quirky dad, Frankie Muniz as Malcolm and Christopher Masterson, Justin Berfield and Erik Per Sullivan as his off-the-wall brothers. Executive producer, creator and writer Linwood Boomer masterfully guides the lively banter of this breakthrough comedy and is joined by co-executive producer Bob Stevens, producer/director Todd Holland, and producers Al Higgins, Andrew Orenstein, and David Richardson in creating an intelligent program for the entire family. For providing audiences with a cleverly perceptive glimpse into the everyday ups and downs of a not-so-typical American family, a Peabody Award is presented to the always funny and unpredictable Malcolm in the Middle.