Nominee 2021

Lynching Postcards: “Token of a Great Day”

MTV Documentary Films, Firelight Films, Peralta Pictures

This chilling short film confronts America’s shocking racist history through the postcards attendees bought, sold, and sent to celebrate their time at the public lynchings of their Black neighbors in the 19th and 20th centuries—a work made all the more vital by the fact that U.S. President Joe Biden only just recently signed an anti-lynching law.


Network/Station/Platform:  MTV Documentary Films. Creator:  Christine Turner. Executive Producers:  Stanley Nelson, Marcia Smith, Sheila Nevins. Associate Producers/Producers:  Christine Turner, Lily Plotkin. Director:  Christine Turner. Editor:  Mengfan Wu. Cinematography:  Othello Banaci, Vatsala Goel, Brennan Vance. Sound/Music:  Daniel Bernard Roumain (DBR).