Lost & Found Sound

National Public Radio, The Kitchen Sisters

Lost & Found Sound is an imaginative radio series that captivated public radio listeners throughout 1999 and 2000. With creative storytelling techniques, National Public Radio with The Kitchen Sisters, Davia Nelson, Nikki Silva and Jay Allison, have produced an entrancing weekly series that weaves archival recordings into a fascinating story of a century of sound. Lost & Found Sound is an aural delight, a groundbreaking collaborative effort among producers, journalists, artists and public radio listeners. The variety of programs is exceptional, considerable and represented a perfect project for radio. Radio listeners, sound collectors, historians and archivists have all contributed to the wealth of sounds collected for the series. Lost & Found Sound has made a notable contribution to the preservation of recorded history, inspiring audiences to take part in the storytelling process by sharing their treasured records and tapes. From the recordings of the nighttime revelry of Tennessee Williams preserved in vinyl at a booth at a penny arcade, to the hums of old electric fans, to collections of answering machine messages, to dictated recollections of a witness to the Gettysburg Address, a century in sound soars through this exceptional radio project. This is radio at its best, wholly deserving of the Peabody Award.