Winner 2001

Little Bill


Little Bill explores life through the eyes of a five-year-old boy who walks his viewers into the delights and joys of everyday experiences. Whether making lunch or playing “big kid,” searching for a lost hamster or meeting a new friend who has cerebral palsy, Little Bill’s exuberant responses to the people, places and things around him introduce his young audience to the wonders and meanings of his world. He also introduces them to skills, such as learning to read, necessary to navigate that world in a careful and successful manner. But as he demonstrates, even learning to read can also be a step to having fun with a brother. Executive Producers Bill Cosby, David Brokaw and Charles Kipps created this charming program based on children’s books by Cosby. Producers Janice Burgess, Brown Johnson, and Robert Scull work with Director Mark Salisbury and Writers Tanya Young and Joe Fallon to bring the show to air on Nickelodeon each week. Voices include Xavier Pritchett as Little Bill, Gregory Hines as Big Bill, Ruby Dee as Alice, Phylicia Rashad as Brenda, Devon Beckford as Bobby, and Monique Beasley as April. For presenting young children with television fare appropriate to their needs and helpful to their emotional and psychological development, a Peabody Award goes to Little Bill.