Nominee 2021

Life of Crime: 1984-2020

HBO Documentary Films in association with DCTV

For 36 years, documentarian Jon Alpert followed three friends from Newark, New Jersey, as they struggled with addiction, prison stints, rehab, employment, and family. The result is a heartbreaking portrait of the toll that drugs can take on a life.


Network/Station/Platform:  HBO/HBO Max. Executive Producers:  Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller (HBO). Associate Producers/Producers:  Tami Alpert, Duncan Cameron, Maurice Crenshaw, Maryann DeLeo, Troy Matthews, Maria Nova, Matthew O’Neill, Paul Pitman, Karen Ranucci, Brent Renaud, Craig Renaud, Hector Sanchez, Janet Storti, Keiko Tsuno. Director:  Jon Alpert. Editor:  Patrick McMahon. Photography:  Jon Alpert. Cinematography:  Jon Alpert.