Winner 1996

Law & Order

NBC, Wolf Films, in association with Universal Television

Now the longest-running dramatic series on network television, Law & Order has maintained a tradition of excellence for more than seven seasons. Faithful to its narrative structure—in which the first half-hour depicts the apprehension of law-breakers by police detectives, and the second half shifts focus to the criminal courts for prosecution – – the program is especially adroit at capturing the brutal reality of crime and law enforcement in New York. The creative forces behind the production are creator and executive producer Dick Wolf, executive producers Ed Sherin and Rene Balcer, producer Jeffrey Hayes, and numerous gifted writers. The show especially benefits from the superior acting talents of its ensemble cast, including Sam Waterston, Jerry Orbach, Benjamin Bratt, Carey Lowell, S. Epatha Merkerson, and Steven Hill. Filmed on location in the streets and courts of New York, Law & Order offers an insider’s glimpse into the world of big-city crime, the overwhelming scope of which tests the resolve of those who try to preserve and protect. Offbeat and insightful, the program captures the frustration and exhilaration of the pursuit of justice. For its consistent record of excellence, a Peabody to NBC, Wolf Films in association with Universal Television, for Law & Order.