Winner 1992

Larry King Live Election Coverage 1992

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As the programs recognized today indicate, 1992 was a year marked by unprecedented change in coverage of the political process. Perhaps no program was more emblematic of these changes than Larry King Live. From the earliest days on the hustings in New Hampshire to the campaign’s close in town meetings in Louisville, Ky., and Racine, Wis., Larry King was indeed “live” with the candidates, their campaign managers, and political leaders from both sides of the aisle. While at one extreme the campaign was analyzed ad infinitum by political pundits, and at the other trivialized by a seemingly endless array of national and local talk-show hosts, Larry King Live took an important middle ground. As an interviewer, Mr. King let the candidates speak for themselves and let his national and international viewers ask the questions that reveal the character of the people who would lead our nation. For providing a unique insight into democracy for viewers everywhere CNN can be seen, a Peabody to Larry King Live Election Coverage 1992.