Winner 1987

L.A. Law


L.A. Law has become, in a very short time, more than just another television show. The gripping and touching dramas, characterized by excellent writing, direction, and acting, have captured the imagination of critics and casual television viewers alike. In a genre too often dominated by chase scenes and gratuitous violence, L.A. Law proves that good stories about human and humane characters are more than enough to capture viewers. The visions of Steven Bochco and Terry Louise Fisher have produced a series in which the sensitive treatment of a mentally disabled character (Benny) can be successfully interwoven into the chaotic and tumultuous backdrop of a busy law office. Viewers care what happens to all the characters because these characters have the ring of truth about them. For consistent high quality and for never taking the easy way out, a Peabody is awarded to L.A. Law for outstanding programming.