Winner 1992

King Biscuit Time

KFAA Radio

Fifty-two years ago, when the first Peabody Awards for radio were presented, one could tune in to KFFA and hear the blues on King Biscuit Time. The same is true today. For nearly half a century and 12,000 programs, this landmark program has preserved the tradition of the blues. For many of those years and most of those shows, King Biscuit Time, has been hosted by John W. “Sunshine” Sonny Payne. Mr. Payne serves on the advisory council of the Blues Foundation, and is often called upon to lecture on the birth and sustained health of this important musical form. More entertaining than nostalgic, King Biscuit Time reminds us of what radio once was and can still be. For a musical celebration and vital public service in support of a uniquely American art form, a Peabody to KFFA radio for King Biscuit Time.