Winner 1996

Kinetic City Super Crew

American Association for the Advancement of Science

This thoroughly entertaining children’s radio program presents exciting radio dramas which teach teamwork, problem-solving techniques and basic scientific principles. With nearly 100 episodes produced to date, and a weekly audience estimated at two million listeners, the Super Crew is making an important and much-needed contribution to science education in the United States. Credit is due to an imaginative production team, including executive producer Robert Hirshon, producers Joseph Shepherd and Anna Ewald, and director Susan Keady. They and their exceptional performers (Damion Conner, Reggie Harris, Melody Johnson, Elana Eisen-Markowitz, Monique McClung, Alvin Perry, Jennifer Roberts, and Paul Simon) bring science to life without visual support. Most important, the show works. Independent research indicates that children who listen to this program learn about science and retain the information. Listeners are encouraged to participate in weekly “hands-on” experiments, and to call the show’s toll-free number with the results. Additional interaction is possible through the World Wide Web. For its ability to bring science to a new level of imagination, and for reminding us of the educational power of radio, a Peabody to Kinetic City Super Crew.