Winner 1990

Kid’s Corner


America’s university-affiliated radio stations run the gamut when it comes to the quality of their programming. WXPN-FM, the University of Pennsylvania’s station, obviously ranks near the top when quality is measured if this excellent series is typical. Members of the Peabody Board heard two episodes in the Kid’s Corner series—“Line in the Sand” and “Science Stump-o-Rama.” They were quickly impressed with the work of Executive Producer Mark Fuerst and co-producers Kathy O’Connell and Robert Drake. The series seemed to have high entertainment values and a degree of humor, both which enhanced the ability to learn by listening. For an innovative approach to learning through the use of radio, a Peabody Award is presented to WXPN-FM, Philadelphia.


Executive Producer: Mark Fuerst. Producers: Kathy O’Connell, Robert Drake. Host: Kathy O’Connell. Writer: Kathy O’Connell.