Winner 1993

Kid Company

WBZ Radio, Kid Company, Inc.

At a time when commercial radio has all but forgotten the child audience, WBZ Boston presents Kid Company, a weekly, live, two-hour radio series made especially for children ages 8 to 14. Each Saturday night from 5 to 7 p.m., children report news of the world under the direction of executive producer Jody Snider, creative producer Stephen Snyder and affable host Josh Binswanger. Kid Company preproduces child-oriented features and interviews by hundreds of trained “kid correspondents.” Phone lines dedicated to kids elicit spirited discussions on everything from school lunches and toys to sexual harassment and classroom violence and classroom violence. Children also become involved in the program’s “interactive” call-in games which reward intellectual skills. For providing children a high profile and fun public forum, a Peabody to WBZ and Kid Company Inc. for Kid Company.