Winner 2015

Katie Morag

Move On Up

Adapted for television from Mairi Hedderwick’s series of books, Katie Morag ferries viewers to the fictional Scottish isle of Struay to follow the adventures of the delightful red-haired Katie Morag McColl and her fellow islanders. Cherry Campbell shines as Katie, full of energy, good will, courage, pluck, humor, curiosity and wisdom, while Annie Louise Ross becomes television’s best grandmother to don overalls and a pair of Wellington boots. A small cast of additional characters helps further the sense of a somewhat magical land that balances quite beautifully a sense of realism with the comfort of a world that exists for children. Katie Morag also realizes that television for children needn’t be loud or frenetic; instead it takes its lead from Struay’s slower pace of life to deliver a show that is calm and serene. Katie both learns and teaches lessons about bravery, friendliness, trying new things (whether activities or porridge recipes), being there for others, honesty and more. Yet the lessons are stitched seamlessly into compelling and fun stories. Both Katie and the show embody charm, earning Katie Morag a Peabody Award.


Executive Producer: Lindy Cameron. Producers: Margaret Matheson, Paddy Higson. Director: Donald Coutts. Executives for CBeebies: Sara Harkins, Michael Towner. Director of Photography: Jeremy Kelly. Editor: Lindy Cameron. Music: Donald Shaw. Production Designer: Andy Harris. Lead Writer: Sergio Casci. Writers: Martin McCardie, Stuart Hepburn. Actors: Cherry Campbell, Anne Louise Ross, Kenny Harvey, Barbara Rafferty, Angus Peter Campbell, Gail Watson.