Winner 1990

Journey’s End: The Memories and Traditions of Daisy Turner and Family

Vermont Folklife Center, Vermont Public Radio

Anyone who has spent even a short amount of time in Vermont knows that it is an exceptional state. The inhabitants of Vermont tend to be individualistic in their thinking, strong in their convictions and ruggedly independent. A unique part of what gives Vermont such an appealing ambience is the Vermont Folklife Center in Middlebury. Pairing with Vermont Public Radio, the Center’s executive director Jane C. Beck and producer/director Ev Grimes produced a series of 20 four-and-a-half minute programs based on the memories and traditions of an Afro-American Vermont family. The program segments featured Daisy Turner, described in the entry materials as “feisty, inspirational, and a born story teller,” qualities which the Peabody Board members quickly recognized as they listened. For a contribution to radio—and to history—a Peabody Award goes to Vermont Folklife Center and Journey’s End: The Memories and Traditions of Daisy Turner and Family.


Executive Producer: Jane C. Beck. Producer: Ev Grimes. Director: Ev Grimes. Narrator: Barbara Jordan. Interviewee: Daisy Turner. Writers: Jane C. Beck, Alex van Oss.