Winner 1997

Jazz from Lincoln Center

Murray Street Enterprises, New York, New York, Jazz at Lincoln Center for National Public Radio

For five years, this exceptional weekly radio series on National Public Radio has entertained and informed American audiences about this most American art form. Under the talented guidance of executive producers Steve Rathe at Murray Street Enterprise, and Rob Gibson from Jazz at Lincoln Center, the series reflects the stirring history and healthy diversity of this unique and influential musical genre. Host Ed Bradley, aided by such accomplished players and performers as Jackie McLean, Frank Foster, Wynton Marsalis, Betty Harris, Tito Puente, McCoy Tyner, Betty Carter, and numerous others, Jazz from Lincoln Center, makes an excellent ongoing contribution to the legacy and future of jazz. The series features superb writing and production, which is the hallmark of the work of Mr. Rathe and Mr. Gibson. They are aided by outstanding contributions from senior editor Lauren Krenzel, digital post-production supervisor David Goren, and writers Peter Keepnews, Joseph Hooper, and Paul Chuffo. In addition, Mr. Bradley’s expertise and love for jazz are infectious and always evident. For all this, a Peabody Award to Jazz from Lincoln Center.