Islam in Turmoil

Christian Science Monitor Reports

Many of today’s headlines emanate from a small but highly charged region: the area surrounding the Persian Gulf. The people of the region are normally painted with one brush, often tainted by misunderstanding or stereotyping. Missing has been a discussion of the roots of Islamic fundamentalism and the schisms and rivalries that mark its current rise to prominence. That is what is provided by Islam in Turmoil. Through a series of four extended broadcasts, plus a one-hour documentary, The Christian Science Monitor Reports examined the many facets of the Islamic movement. The reports involved nine months of research by a thorough and capable team, led by executive producer Richard O’Regan and producers William Sherman and Tim Dickey, and stretching from the United States to Great Britain, Iraq, Tunisia, Egypt, Kuwait and the United Arab Emirates. For providing much needed background and eloquent commentary on the evolution of the Islamic culture and the current status of Islamic fundamentalism, a Peabody Award to The Christian Science Monitor Reports for Islam in Turmoil.