Institutional 1975

Institutional Award: WTOP-TV for Overall Public Service Effort with Particular Reference to “Harambee: For My People.” and “Everywoman: The Hidden World”


In the opinion of the Peabody Board, WTOP-TV, Washington, has provided a distinctly meritorious service to the community it serves particularly with two outstanding program series: Harambee and Everywoman. With a candor too rarely seen in today’s broadcasting world, these two programs have looked into many aspects of life which normally have seemed to be off limits. In the Harambee series, for instance, two episodes examined the commitment of the jointly-owned Washington Post to minority hiring practices. The Everywoman series used advanced medical techniques to look inside a woman’s body. Each series, in its own way, made exceptional contributions to the overall impact which WTOP-TV has made, and is making, on the nation’s television scene. For its overall programming effort, a Peabody Award to WTOP-TV.