Institutional 1981

Institutional Award: WSMV-TV for a Series of Significant Television Documentaries


WSMV in Nashville, Tennessee, has demonstrated that it is a television station with an outstanding news operation. There are many good news operations, there are a number of excellent ones, but very few that can really be called outstanding. The Peabody Board believes that WSMV’s news operations fall into the latter category. The station has demonstrated its capabilities with a number of excellent documentary programs from which the Board has listed four as good examples of a quality work: Crime’s Children, Hot Cars, Cold Cash, Split Second Justice and Crime’s Carousel. The citizens in Nashville should be considered fortunate to have competent and qualified news staff members from WSMV taking a strong interest in the affairs of the community and the state. For, in so doing, this station serves notice that it has not only the courage but the ability to look behind the scenes and ferret out those things which harm and degrade a fine metropolitan area. To WSMV, Nashville, a Peabody Award for a series of significant television documentaries.