Institutional 1975

Institutional Award: WMAL Radio for Overall Excellence in the Radio Documentary as Exemplified by “Suffer The Little Children” and “The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle”

WMAL Radio

WMAL Radio in Washington has demonstrated that the radio documentary is not only still alive, but is doing exceptionally well. Two of their best efforts were Suffer the Little Children and The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle. Suffer the Little Children was produced after more than nine months of investigative effort and reflects a sincere and successful effort to tackle a highly sensitive issue-the world of the sexually abused child. This journey into a hush-hush world showed fear, ignorance, and the sanctions of society have sentenced many victims to a secret isolation. The Legend of the Bermuda Triangle was an equally successful effort, probing deeply into the mysteries which have surrounded this area of deep-sea intrigue. Both programs have contributed much to the WMAL Radio listening audience and for this meritorious service, a Peabody Award.